Media Release

10 May 2017

Paynter: Daniel Andrews: for rorters, against Melton residents

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Daniel Andrews: for rorters, against Melton residents

Daniel Andrews continues to allow his rorting Labor MPs to stay in Parliament and today I’ve simply had enough.

Rorting Labor MP Don Nardella continues to stay in Parliament but still lives around 70 kilometres outside his electorate all while owing the taxpayers nearly $100,000.

The utter contempt it shows that Don Nardella continues to smugly sit in the chamber, ask questions about an electorate he never visits and enjoy the Premier’s protection is just too much.

Prior to the rorting MP asking his question, the new Labor Speaker booted Deputy Nationals Leader Steph Ryan out for speaking in defence of a female colleague. This is just unacceptable that the innocent get punished and the rorters get rewarded under Daniel Andrews.

To maintain the integrity of our Parliament, Daniel Andrews should force Don Nardella to repay the full $174,000 rorted and boot him from the Parliament.

By allowing Don Nardella to continue in parliament, living 70 kilometres from his electorate, Daniel Andrews is treating Melton residents as second class citizens.