Media Release

13 November 2018

Paynter: Liberal Nationals fund Baba Budha Ji Charitable Trust

Sunday 11 November 2018

Liberal Nationals fund Baba Budha Ji Charitable Trust

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will commit $50,000 to the establishment of the Baba Budha Ji Charitable Trust in the Cardinia region.

This funding will ease the financial pressures of the Sikh community group, enabling them to formalise a legal structure and establish an appropriate method of management.

Once established the trust will assist with the conduct of a school for the advancement of education, culture and historical awareness of Sikh religion, its teachings and beliefs which is not taught in the standard curriculum in Australia.

The trust will also help the propagation and preservation of the Sikh faith, its culture, beliefs and preservation of its cultural heritage;

The group have recently put a deposit on a property to establish a temple and build their community status.

Comments attributable to Member for Bass, Brian Paynter:

“The Sikh community form a large part of the Cardinia region. I have deep respect for this group and their enthusiasm to connect with the community.

They are an honest and peace-loving group who care about humanity above all else.

I’m glad to be a part of a Liberal Nationals team, led by Matthew Guy, who continually supports our multicultural groups.”