Media Release

06 July 2017

Pesutto: ABS data shows Victoria is the crime capital of Australia

Thursday 6 July 2017

ABS data shows Victoria is the crime capital of Australia

Data released by the ABS today shows Victoria is the undisputed crime capital of Australia.

While other states are seeing decreases in crime, Victoria is clearly in the grip of a crime tsunami with sexual assaults, home invasions and car jackings all on the rise.

Despite having a bigger population, New South Wales has had 22% fewer home invasions compared to Victoria.

While crime surges in Victoria, NSW is seeing record low levels.

Crime Victoria NSW
Unlawful entry with intent Up 10% Down 5%
Motor vehicle theft Up 25% Down 8%


Daniel Andrews has no will or plan to protect Victorians. It’s no coincidence this crime tsunami only swamped Victoria after Daniel Andrews was elected.

Matthew Guy has announced the toughest suite of youth justice, bail and sentencing reforms in Australia.

If elected, the Liberal Nationals will introduce mandatory sentencing that will send a strong message of deterrence and stop violent offenders being released back onto our streets.

Only the Liberal Nationals have a plan to protect Victorians.