Media Release

30 November 2017

Pesutto: Andrews Government faltering on tackling crime gangs

Thursday 30 November 2017

Andrews Government faltering on tackling crime gangs

In 2015 the Andrews Government amended the Criminal Organisations Control Act 2012 (COCA), particularly anti-consorting provisions that are vital when separating criminals and their nefarious networks.  At the time, the Liberal Nationals argued that many of the Government’s weak changes would be ineffective.

Under s 133 of the COCA, the Chief Commissioner was to provide Attorney General Martin Pakula with a report on various matters, including unlawful association notices issued, control orders registered and declarations made.

VicPol was to provide this report to Mr Pakula by no later than 30 September 2017.  Mr Pakula then had 12 Parliamentary sitting days from the date he received the report from VicPol to table it in Parliament.

The latest the Andrews Government could have tabled the report in each House was this morning during the usual tabling of reports.  It failed to do so.

There is a real question around whether Daniel Andrews has not tabled the report because it is likely to show how pathetically ineffective his soft on crime policy has been in the face of brutal but sophisticated criminal syndicates that are running rings around his Government.

Is the refusal to table the report further proof that nothing has been done by the Andrews Labor Government under the COCA to tackle criminal gangs?

For a government claiming to be tough on crime gangs and networks, it’s damning that Daniel Andrews has done so little to crack down on gangs after three years of office.

The report should be tabled at the next opportunity, even if tabled out-of-session tomorrow.