Media Release

10 June 2016

Pesutto: Coalition standing up for volunteers and equal opportunity

Friday 10 June 2016

Coalition standing up for volunteers and equal opportunity

A crisis meeting of Andrews Labor Cabinet is currently underway to determine the future of 60,000 CFA volunteers and how they protect Victorians.

Today the Coalition has written to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner, Kristen Hilton, to request she intervene in the CFA/UFU EBA given the existence of unlawful and discriminatory terms.

The Commissioner has the power under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 to seek leave to intervene in Fair Work proceedings when discrimination and equal opportunity are involved.

Attached is the letter sent today to Commissioner Hilton.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Attorney-General John Pesutto:

Will anyone in the Andrews Cabinet today stand up for 60,000 CFA volunteers and the hundreds of thousands of Victorians and properties they protect?

Will anyone in Daniel Andrews’ Cabinet today stand up to ensure this unlawful deal that discriminates against women, carers and volunteers, does not proceed in its current form?

This week, Daniel Andrews’ Government is not just a shambles, it’s an omnishambles.