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31 January 2018

Pesutto: Daniel Andrews’ bail laws are broken

Wednesday 31 January 2018

Daniel Andrews’ bail laws are broken

Reports today that the youth charged with attempting to murder pedestrians near Flinders Street Station on AFL Grand Final day has had his bail relaxed so he can watch online cat videos is yet another example of a broken justice system under Daniel Andrews.

This is a justice system that seems more concerned about the rights of alleged criminals and less concerned about the rights of innocent Victorians.

The report also revealed that to eliminate risks, a safe has been provided to the boy’s family so they can lock away the car keys.

This alleged violent offender is either a risk or he’s not. But he can’t be both.

Daniel Andrews has had nearly four years to get the bail system right and it’s still a shambles.

The Liberal Nationals have policies to make bail conditions tougher while Daniel Andrews and Labor continue to defend the status quo.

This election Victorians will have a choice between more of the same from Daniel Andrews or Matthew Guy’s tougher sentencing, bail and parole laws to keep Victorians safe.