Media Release

02 January 2018

Pesutto: Daniel Andrews new “Youth Control Orders” threaten community safety

Tuesday 2 January 2018

Daniel Andrews new “Youth Control Orders” threaten community safety

At a time when Victorians are being threatened by a violent gang culture which our state has never seen before, it’s hard to believe that Daniel Andrews has made things even worse.

As if legalising the breaching of bail by people under 18 wasn’t bad enough, Daniel Andrews has introduced new Youth Control Orders that are intended to allow violent young thugs to remain in the community when they would have otherwise served their sentences in a youth justice facility.

As the Andrews Labor Government said last year:

The youth control order is a new sentencing option targeted at children who would otherwise be sentenced to detention because of the seriousness or ongoing nature of their offending, but who do have potential to be rehabilitated with the support and supervision of the court.

(Attorney General, Second Reading Speech)

The Youth Control Orders were part of Victoria’s largest ever suite of legislative measures we introduced earlier this year to hold offenders to account and reduce recidivism. 

(Acting Minister for Youth Affairs Jill Hennessy, Media Release 8 December 2017)

Are they serious?

The Andrews Labor Government is totally out of touch by thinking that letting more violent offenders off with a slap on the wrist is what the community expects.

Victoria desperately needs strong leadership that will put community safety first instead of the interests of perpetrators.

Matthew Guy and the Liberal Nationals are offering Victorians a choice by announcing policies to toughen up sentencing, bail and parole among many other changes to our youth justice system.