Media Release

27 September 2016

Pesutto: Daniel Andrews’ Twisted Priorities

Monday 26 September 2016

Daniel Andrews’ Twisted Priorities

Violent crimes like carjackings and home invasions are happening on an almost daily occurrence and Daniel Andrews’ response is to tackle ‘mooning’.

The fact that ‘mooning’ someone is now officially a crime in Victoria but carjacking is not would leave Victorians rightly concerned about the priorities of community safety under Daniel Andrews.

Under Daniel Andrews, a violent crime wave has swept across Victoria, with crime up over 12% and carjackings up 80%.

Daniel Andrews’ response to this crime wave has been to twiddle his thumbs while police stations close, police numbers per capita are cut and new gangs undertake crime sprees with arrogance and contempt for our community.

We continue to await the Government’s sentencing changes and its foreshadowed bill on community correction orders.

If Daniel Andrews thinks that millions of Victorians are worried about a spate of random ‘moonings’ on our streets but are ambivalent about carjackings and home invasions, then it shows he has lost all touch with reality.