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31 July 2017

Pesutto: Here we go again – Daniel Andrews treats prisoners better than he treats the community

Monday 31 July 2017

Here we go again – Daniel Andrews treats prisoners better than he treats the community

Daniel Andrews is at it again – treating prisoners better than he treats the Victorian community.

The Andrews Labor Government has brought in laws to wipe all the outstanding fines of prisoners whereas other Victorians will have to continue to pay their fines in full.

This measure rewards criminals and reinforces Daniel Andrews’ message that under his Government there are no consequences for breaking the law.

Is it any wonder there is a law and order crisis in our state?

For Victorians who do the right thing, this is just another example of the Andrews Labor Government putting the interests of criminals before those who abide by the law.

And this is not the first time Daniel Andrews has done this.  His Government has:

  • Weakened Victoria’s bail laws
  • Given more rights to violent protesters
  • Weakened Victoria’s sentencing laws
  • Proposed new Youth Control Orders so violent young thugs can avoid jail
  • Proposed an expanded mental impairment regime so violent perpetrators can avoid jail.

The Liberal Nationals opposed Daniel Andrews’ early Christmas present to prisoners last year and moved amendments to stop the measure from proceeding.

The Government sided with prisoners and the amendment was defeated.

Unless strong bail laws are introduced, along with mandatory sentencing and other vital reforms to make it clear there will be consequences for criminal acts, nothing will change.

Only a Liberal Nationals Government under Matthew Guy will fix Victoria’s broken justice system and put responsibility and respect back at the centre of our laws.