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21 June 2018

Pesutto: Minogue will walk free while Labor bumbles

Thursday 21 June 2018

Minogue will walk free while Labor bumbles

In the Legislative Assembly today, Daniel Andrews and Labor blocked a move to keep cop murderer Craig Minogue in jail.

The Liberal Nationals have a bill, already tested by the High Court that would guarantee Craig Minogue would stay in jail. Today, Daniel Andrews blocked efforts to make this Bill law.

Daniel Andrews keeps talking tough on law and order, but his actions are completely the opposite.

Words are meaningless if they’re not followed up with action, with reform, with changes that keep all Victorians safe.

Only the Liberal Nationals will make Victoria safer by keeping murderers like Craig Minogue in jail and introducing the toughest mandatory minimum sentences in Australia.

The Liberal Nationals’ Bill, modelled on the High Court tested law keeping Julian Knight in jail, would have fixed the problem Daniel Andrews created.

Maybe the lawyer that gave Daniel Andrews legal advice on this Bill was the same lawyer that told Daniel Andrews he could tear up the East West Link contract without compensation.