Media Release

26 August 2016

Pesutto: Ombudsman decision

Friday 26 August 2016

Ombudsman decision

Today’s decision is a triumph of accountability over Daniel Andrews who misused public resources and wasted taxpayer dollars doing everything it could to stop the truth coming out.

What the Labor Party under Daniel Andrews did before the last election was wrong and a massive rort with potential criminal implications.

Now the Ombudsman can proceed with her investigation, despite the Government’s shameful efforts to prevent an independent investigation.

Daniel Andrews has a habit of sacking women who disagree with him.  Daniel Andrews must rule out sacking the Ombudsman and allow her to do her job.

Daniel Andrews also has a habit of running a secret state and doing everything he can to supress the release of information to the public.

This decision is a win for transparency and accountability and a condemnation of Daniel Andrews’ arrogant approach to government.