Media Release

14 October 2016

Pesutto: Repeat Violent Youth Offenders

Thursday 13 October 2016

Repeat violent youth offenders


Crime has risen at unprecedented rates since the Andrews Labor Government came to power.

Victorians are increasingly worried about their own safety and the safety of family and friends.

Youth gangs (like the Apex gang) and youth crime are out of control in Victoria.  Violent youth gangs like Apex know they can get away with repeat offending.

There are an alarming number of youth offenders who have been bailed on violent crimes who are arrested for violent crimes while on bail.

Daniel Andrews has sat on his hands and not announced any plans to stop the violent crime wave engulfing Victoria.

The President of the Children’s Court already has the power under section 534 of the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 to authorise the publication of details that will identify a child or other party to a proceeding.  We are working through how the public’s right to know can be made an explicit factor in the Court’s considerations when these serious matters arise.

Attributable to Shadow Attorney-General John Pesutto:

Victorians are saying enough is enough when it comes to rising crime and violent youth gangs like the Apex gang.

Daniel Andrews is running a justice system where violent youth gangs like Apex know they can get away with repeat offending. The system is broken and needs to be fixed.

If these violent youth offenders choose to commit serious offences while on bail then the public’s right to know should be a key factor in considering whether to override any right to anonymity and continued bail.

The Liberal Nationals will shut the revolving door on youth bail breaches and reoffending and put the rights of innocent Victorians first.

What we are talking about here is very serious and violent re-offending of crimes like carjacking and home invasions where someone has repeatedly breached bail by putting others at grave risk.

In these circumstances, the public’s right to know takes on great significance and should certainly be a more powerful factor in a Court’s decision to allow publication of relevant details of violent offending, including the identity of the person who committed the offences.

It’s time to send a strong message to these violent youth gangs.