Media Release

12 October 2016

Pesutto: Sentencing laws

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Sentencing laws

Daniel Andrews is applying a band-aid to a bullet wound.

The law and order system is broken and needs extensive changes, not these belated and piecemeal changes.

There still remain massive problems with frontline police numbers, weak bail laws, soft sentences, and parole laws that need to further toughened.

Daniel Andrews’ announcement also doesn’t address the crisis in our prison system where there is a flood of drugs and weapons, increased escapes, prisoners rioting and ‘striking’ because they don’t like the conditions.

In 2015, Daniel Andrews weakened anti-gang laws that have made it harder for police to investigate and ultimately arrest.

This announcement by Daniel Andrews will hardly see gangs like Apex quaking in their boots.

We’ve been calling on Daniel Andrews since the December 2014 decision of the Court of Appeal which created this problem of violent offenders roaming free in the community.

Inaction by Daniel Andrews has seen many violent offenders either avoid jail or get bail when facing serious charges, with many going on to commit further crimes.

Daniel Andrews is trying to take credit for addressing a crime problem he helped create.