Media Release

16 February 2017

Pesutto: Taxpayers foot bill for Labor rorts cover-up

Thursday 16 February 2017

Taxpayers foot bill for Labor rorts cover-up

Taxpayers are being slugged legal fees by Labor to block an investigation of allegation their MPs rorted electoral allowances.

Labor and Daniel Andrews continue to use both the Parliament and departmental resources to hide the truth from Victorians.

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee heard today that the Premier’s own Department had already contributed $67,105.20 in external legal fees. This does not include the vast array of internal lawyers and staff at the Government’s disposal.

The case is due before the High Court later this year, incurring even greater fees.

Daniel Andrews as Leader of the Labor Party should be responsible and the ALP should pay to defend themselves, not pass the bill on to taxpayers.

Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for a Labor Party cover-up.