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09 August 2018

Pesutto: Ten Questions for Martin Pakula to answer

Thursday 9 August 2018

Ten Questions for Martin Pakula to answer

In Question Time today, Attorney General Martin Pakula revealed he was subject to ‘undertakings’ regarding the Fraud & Extortion Squad’s investigation into Labor’s rorts.

Martin Pakula, as Victoria’s chief law officer, needs to make it absolutely clear what those ‘undertakings’ are.

Martina Pakula isn’t a first term backbencher, he is the Attorney General who should be spelling out the exact ‘undertakings’ he says exists to protect the integrity of the police investigation into him and other Labor ministers.

What are the so-called ‘undertakings’ that the Attorney General referred to?

Who drafted or devised these so-called ‘undertakings’?

Were any independent or third parties consulted about these so-called ‘undertakings’?

Who has copies of these so-called ‘undertakings’?

Does anyone outside of the Andrews Labor Government, such as the police and senior bureaucrats have a copy of these so-called ‘undertakings’?

When did these so-called ‘undertakings’ commence?

Who will monitor compliance with these so-called ‘undertakings’?

Do these so-called ‘undertakings’ apply to all cabinet ministers?

In the interests of transparency, will the Government release these so-called ‘undertakings’?

Do these so-called ‘undertakings’ even actually really exist?

Unless these questions are answered by the Government, Victorians cannot trust Daniel Andrews when he says Labor aren’t trying to politically interfere with the police investigation into six of their ministers.