Media Release

25 May 2017

Pesutto: Victims need to plead for justice under Daniel Andrews

Thursday 25 May 2017

Victims need to plead for justice under Daniel Andrews

It has been reported today that a victim of a violent carjacking has had to fight for justice by starting an online petition.

According to the victim, the sentence handed down by the Magistrate was “unfair and unjust” and that the Magistrate “deemed it inappropriate to have a conviction on [the accused’s] record nor for him to spend any time at a correctional facility or in community service”.

This is just a further example of the soft on crime approach we are seeing under Daniel Andrews.

The Liberal Nationals have proposed Australia’s toughest mandatory sentencing reforms to fix this mess created by Daniel Andrews.


Attributable to Shadow Attorney-General John Pesutto:

Victims of crime should not have to petition for their own safety.

Any government’s first responsibility is to put the safety of their citizens first and ensure that victims see justice being done and receive adequate support.

While the Andrews Labor Government continues to run a justice system with press releases but no corresponding action, the Liberal Nationals have announced a suite of policies with more to come that will put community safety first and ensure that criminals get the justice they severely deserve.