Media Release

08 November 2016

Pesutto: Website to Support Victims of Crime

Monday 7 November 2016

Website to Support Victims of Crime

While the Liberal Nationals welcome this announcement, Daniel Andrews can’t claim credit for helping victims when he continues to sit on a key report into how victims can be better supported in our criminal justice system.

In 2014, the Liberal Nationals established a Victorian Law Reform Commission inquiry to look at how the role of victims in criminal trials can be improved with specific objectives, including making compensation orders easier for victims.

The VLRC submitted its report to the Government by 1 September this year.

Daniel Andrews has now had the VLRC’s report for over eight weeks, but as usual he’s dragging his feet and appears to be more concerned about the rights of criminals and not the rights of innocent victims.

He wasted no time weakening bail laws, abolishing laws to stop violent protests, watering down police powers to crack down on criminal gangs and cutting police numbers.

The result? Looting, car-jackings, home invasions, a string of violent protests and bikie gangs acting as a law unto themselves.

But help for victims?  Under Daniel Andrews, they’ll just have to wait.