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29 November 2016

Ryan: Labor’s deluded south-north pipe dreams

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Labor’s deluded south-north pipe dreams


A secret government report has found reversing the north-south pipeline would cost $277m and require a new pipeline going either under or over the Yarra River.

It also found there were no clear environmental benefits to reversing the pipeline and that water in the Goulburn system would have to be consistently above $1350/ML for the project to be economically viable. This is well above historic levels.

Quotes attributable to Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan

Fresh from wasting $27 million on a desal order we don’t need, Daniel Andrews is now intent on wasting millions more on costly pipedreams.

Farmers nearly went under when water prices hit $300/ML last year so Daniel Andrews must wake up and realise $1350/ML isn’t just unfeasible, it’s deluded.

Daniel Andrews has a bizarre attachment to Labor’s water white elephants and this secret plan shows he wants to add to the herd, regardless of the cost to families and farmers.