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10 May 2017

Ryan: Speaker censors women who speak out

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Speaker censors women who speak out

Labor Speaker Colin Brooks decided it was too much for a woman to question the Government.

Deputy Nationals Leader Steph Ryan was today booted from the Parliament for supporting a colleague.

Bayswater MP Heidi Victoria had asked the Andrews Labor Government why an agency responsible for domestic violence, and within the portfolio of the female Minister for Prevention of Family Violence, was instead handed to the male Special Minister of State.

It is the right of every Member, under the standing orders brought in by Daniel Andrews, to raise a point of order if they believe the minister’s answer to a question is not relevant. Midway through raising this with the Speaker, Ms Ryan’s microphone was shut off and she was ordered to leave the chamber without explanation.

Quotes attributable to Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan

The arrogance and outright hypocrisy of this Labor Government to allow rorting Labor MPs, who owe taxpayers $80,000, to remain in Parliament is beyond explanation.

It says a lot about the bullying tactics of Daniel Andrews when he strips responsibilities from women and hands them over to the men – and has those who question this censored.

Today showed the utter contempt Labor has for Parliament, allowing rorting MPs to have their say while booting those who have done nothing wrong.