Media Release

16 February 2017

Smith, T: Andrews cowers behind Crown Counsel

Thursday 16 February 2017

Andrews cowers behind Crown Counsel

Daniel Andrews has today extraordinarily rolled out Victoria’s Crown Counsel at VCAT to keep secret documents showing what his taxpayer funded staff have been up to.

In March 2016, I requested access to documents under Freedom of Information laws that show the internet activities of Daniel Andrews’ taxpayer funded staff.

No less than 8 government representatives were ordered to VCAT today by the Premier to keep secret what his senior apparatchiks have been getting up to on the taxpayer dime.

Labor promised an open, transparent government yet at every turn Daniel Andrews, his ministers and his staff have blocked access to the most basic information about what is really going on inside his government.

Daniel Andrews has proven that there is no price he won’t pay and no length he won’t go to protect himself and his paid goons.