Media Release

16 November 2016

Smith: Andrews Government has no interest in managing Victoria’s population

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Andrews Government has no interest in managing Victoria’s population

Jaala Pulford and Lily D’Ambrosio’s comments in criticising the Liberal Nationals Victorian Population Policy Taskforce are divisive and hypocritical.

Imagine the response from Labor, and the usual suspects, had I made a derogatory remark about an area of Melbourne that often returns Labor members of parliament.

The comment by Labor Ministers that “ it’s a policy that only a person from Kew could write,” show the contempt Labor has for all Victorians living throughout the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

These comments are straight out of the Victorian Labor handbook of divisive name calling and the class war politics that we are all sick of hearing.

Jaala Pulford and Lily D’Ambrosio’s only population policy is to turn the Latrobe Valley into a ghost town, as they are more interested in saving Dick Wynne’s job, than keeping the lights on for Victorian households and businesses at the lowest possible cost.

Labor have been exposed as having no population policy and their first response is to desperately shift the focus from serious thinking on policy to bagging the suburb where their great hero Gough Whitlam was born!

When faced with the challenges of unprecedented population growth, Victorians want solutions, not name calling.