Media Release

27 June 2016

Smith: Andrews’ New Transport Bureaucracy

Monday 27 June 2016

Andrews’ New Transport Bureaucracy

Victorians will be rightly cynical about the Andrews Government’s new transport bureaucracy.

Under Daniel Andrews, infrastructure investment in Victoria is turning into an episode of Utopia as billions are spent to not build roads and bureaucracy becomes king.

Just last week a poll showed that an overwhelming 78% of Victorians want the east west link to be built as the state’s number one priority.

Yet barely a month goes by without the Andrews Government instead announcing a new bureaucracy which they claim will magically fix all our congestion problems.

Daniel Andrews’ Western Distributor Authority, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority, Level Crossing Removal Authority and Infrastructure Victoria were all promised to do what this new body is now spruiked to do.

Victoria needs to actually get on with the job of building infrastructure not establishing another talkfest bureaucracy.