Media Release

20 October 2016

Smith: Daniel Andrews’ huge pay rises for bureaucrats

Thursday 20 October 2016

Daniel Andrews’ huge pay rises for bureaucrats

Victorians will be rightly angry to learn that Daniel Andrews has commissioned a report that not only recommends uncapping the number of paper shuffling bureaucrats but also that they should be awarded exorbitant salaries.

Bizarrely this Andrews Government report recommends that not only should bureaucrats receive these huge pay rises but that their pay should no longer have any connection to their performance.

The State Government tax take has jumped by 20% under the Andrews Government and instead of putting it towards new schools, hospitals and infrastructure; it is going towards fatter pay packets for his top bureaucrats

Daniel Andrews loves to talk about fairness but it turns out his idea of fair is to hike taxes on Victorian families struggling with their cost of living and hand the money to bureaucrats already making double the average annual wage.