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15 December 2016

Smith: Daniel Andrews’ leak investigation

Thursday 15 December 2016

Daniel Andrews’ leak investigation

It’s so typically hypocritical of the paranoid bully Daniel Andrews to go sniffing around his ministers’ phones. Whilst he is muck raking, he should take the opportunity to finally investigate the grubbiest episode of his leadership, how his office came to possess the Dictaphone of an Age journalist.

Since 2014, Daniel Andrews has shown no interest in explaining how a journalist’s Dictaphone “went missing” from Labor’s State Conference, ended up in his office, and was then destroyed after parts of its contents were leaked.

While KPMG is already at it, Daniel Andrews ought to order the auditing of his own staff’s electronic devices from 2014, and allow his own phone to be forensically searched, so we can discover the truth about his involvement in that murky affair.

Now that Daniel Andrews has decided to get serious about leaking, this is a perfect opportunity for him to come clean about his less than perfect track record on these controversial matters.