Media Release

05 October 2016

Smith: Daniel Andrews’ plan to toll the Eastern Freeway

Tuesday 4 October 2016

Daniel Andrews’ Plan to Toll the Eastern Freeway

Only the Liberal Nationals are committed to keeping the Eastern Freeway toll-free.

The release of a report by Daniel Andrews’ handpicked infrastructure advisors supporting tolls on the Eastern Freeway is more proof of the Premier’s war on motorists.

It takes a special kind of contempt for Victorians from Daniel Andrews to set fire to $1.2 billion of taxpayer money and not build the East West Link, but then turn around and slug motorists with a toll for the privilege of driving on a worse road.

Every day gridlock on the Eastern Freeway is getting worse and instead of coming up with solutions to relieve congestion, Daniel Andrews is coming up with ways to make life harder for motorists