Media Release

08 November 2016

Smith: Divisive Andrews picking sides on infrastructure

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Divisive Andrews picking sides on infrastructure

Daniel Andrews has again shown that he can’t help himself from picking sides and turning somebody into a winner and somebody into a loser.

If you live in the eastern and south-eastern suburbs, it is now clear that Daniel Andrews is actively working against your liveability.

The congested roads in the western suburbs are a legacy of the Bracks-Brumby Government’s inaction so these upgrades are well overdue. However with Melbourne’s population continuing to grow by 92,000 people every year, these roads will be clogged before they are finished in 2023.

Whilst a $1.8 billion investment in roads is a good outcome, Daniel Andrews remains guilty of wasting $1.2 billion to not build the East West Link.  No truly world class city should have its two major freeways, the CityLink and the Eastern Freeway, connected by a single-lane track.

Daniel Andrews still has no plan to deal with the congestion caused by not having a proper link between the Eastern Freeway and CityLink.

So long as the Andrews Government has no plan to manage our booming population, our infrastructure will never be de-congested, no matter how many billions of dollars it throws at the problem.