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18 May 2017

Smith: Donnellan’s embarrassing PAEC shambles

Thursday 18 May 2017

Donnellan’s embarrassing PAEC shambles

The Minister for Roads, Luke Donnellan’s woeful performance in Public Accounts & Estimates hearings was nothing short of embarrassing for Daniel Andrews’ government.

In Mr Donnellan’s very first answer to a non-government question he made it clear to Eltham residents that an elevated North East Link – SkyRoad – was very much a live option, leaving PAEC member and MP for Eltham, Vicki Ward, scrambling in her desperate attempt to force the Minister to back-pedal on what was a very clear position.

In addition, Mr Donnellan confirmed that the Andrews Labor Government was refusing to take the Federal Government’s $15 million offered for the planning of the North East Link, while at the same time complaining about the lack of Federal funds.

Mr Donnellan then stubbornly maintained his position that the Mordialloc Bypass would be completed by 2021, despite the Budget papers clearly stating the completion date is 2023.

The $37.3 million “Strong bridges, stronger economy” package, touted as a win for regional Victoria, was exposed as a sham with no state funding allocated. Instead, in what is becoming a trend, Daniel Andrews will be sending the Federal Government yet another invoice.

When questioned about the commitment to deliver on 100 per cent of the West Gate Tunnel project’s milestones over the course of the coming year, Mr Donnellan confirmed that no milestones or timelines had yet been identified or set.

As a finale, the Minister admitted to another broken Labor promise – that the promised $80 million Crash & Trauma Centre had been downgraded by $54 million to a display at Melbourne Museum.

It is small wonder that Melbourne motorists are stuck in gridlock and country Victorians are driving on some of the nation’s most unsafe roads when the Minister in charge has so little knowledge or interest in his own responsibilities.