Media Release

23 October 2018

Smith: Funding pledge to upgrade Langwarrin Primary School

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Funding pledge to upgrade Langwarrin Primary School

The Liberal Nationals are committed to ensuring our schools receive the very best educational facilities.

This is why an elected Liberal Nationals Government will contribute an additional $2 million to complete a full upgrade of Langwarrin Primary School, to ensure it meets the growing needs of the Langwarrin community.

This means that if a Liberal Government is elected in November, the Langwarrin Primary School will benefit from a total spend of $6.032 million for rebuilding works.

Melbourne’s population is now 5 million people and growing at an average of around 2,700 a week and it’s putting enormous pressure on schools in suburbs like Langwarrin.

Langwarrin Primary School has over 600 students and is one of the fastest growing schools in the region.

Langwarrin Primary has been saving for the restoration of the school oval to accommodate the growth in student numbers and provide the very best use of the land.

The Liberal Nationals will also begin phase two of the overall school refurbishment, by bringing forward the removal of asbestos in 10 classrooms in Block B, which is over 60 years old.

Labor has been in government in Victoria for 15 of the last 19 years, and has failed to provide for the school’s needs.

By investing in upgrades at Langwarrin Primary School, locals can start to get some relief from the population squeeze.

Only the Liberal Nationals will get back in control of population growth and back the iconic Langwarrin Primary School, so that the children will get the very best education.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, Tim Smith:

“Only a Liberal Nationals Government will support Langwarrin Primary School’s need for more classroom space and allow it to maintain its solid tradition of academic excellence.

Daniel Andrews’ treatment of this school shows his ‘education state’ slogan isn’t worth the number plates it’s printed on.”

Comments attributable to Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess:

“This school boasts a proud and successful 125 year history. Their reputation for quality education is second to none.

I’ve fought long and hard to ensure Langwarrin Primary gets its fair share.

What this means for Langwarrin Primary is that they’ll be able to cater for future growth and provide even better educational opportunities for our kids.

Labor has had four years to provide Langwarrin Primary school with funding; they did nothing but sit on their hands.”