Media Release

14 June 2018

Smith: Gavin Jennings continues the red shirt rorting secrecy

Thursday 14 June 2018

Gavin Jennings continues the red shirt rorting secrecy

The veil of secrecy that the Andrews Labor Government is using to shroud any scrutiny of Labor’s red shirt rorting scandal was confirmed again today at the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearings.

Special Minister of State, Gavin Jennings, while admitting that he is directly responsible for the Ombudsman’s appropriation, denied any knowledge of the legal fees incurred by the Ombudsman in her fight to be allowed to investigate this scandalous cost on the Victorian taxpayer.

In a manner now typical during PAEC, Labor Committee member Harriet Shing did her best to run down the Opposition’s allotted time to question the Minister, doing her best to shield him from proper scrutiny with continued interjections and frivolous points of order.

However, when Ms Shing allowed the Minister to speak, Mr Jennings refused to apologise for his role in the scandal despite being given multiple opportunities to do so.

Comments attributable to Shadow Special Minister of State, Ryan Smith:

“It must be a full time job covering for the numerous examples of public funding rorts perpetrated by Mr Jennings’ Labor colleagues.

“With his oversight of the integrity bodies investigating these Labor rorts, as well as his responsibility in providing funds for their operation, it is staggering that Mr Jennings claims to know so little about the progress of those investigations.”