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18 May 2017

Smith: Jacinta Allan is correct…but a hypocrite

Thursday 18 May 2017

Jacinta Allan is correct…but a hypocrite

In response to revelations that the business case for the level crossing removals will generate 78 cents of economic benefit for every dollar spent, Jacinta Allan correctly said:

“Some of them you can put a dollar figure on around reducing road congestion, around improving the public transport services but there’s also the safety aspect that in many ways you just can’t put a value on because it is about saving lives.”

It’s just a pity that Jacinta Allan didn’t express this view on the East West Link, a project which will also reduce road congestion, improve public transport services and road safety, and save lives.

Instead, Daniel Andrews used the business case to tear up the East West Link contract, wasting $1.2 billion of taxpayers’ money. That $1.2 billion of wasted taxpayers’ money could have built over 80 brand new schools across Victoria.

In 2014, Daniel Andrews thought business cases were like a must-have fashion accessory.  Now as Premier, business cases appear to be optional or obsolete.

Today’s revelations are just more proof that Daniel Andrews is not only a hypocrite but has completely politicised infrastructure in Victoria.

Business cases are only important when Labor disagree with them – just take EWL and South Yarra Station.

It’s no wonder the Federal Government are finding it difficult to partner the Victorian Governments in much needed projects.