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19 November 2018

Smith: Labor has form with promises about not doing deals with the Greens

Monday 19 November 2018

Labor has form with promises about not doing deals with the Greens

Daniel Andrews says Labor will not do any deal with the Greens.

It doesn’t matter what he says before the election, he will do a Greens deal if it keeps him in government.

Like his solemn promise four years ago not to introduce any new taxes, only to then introduce nine, Daniel Andrews and Labor simply cannot be believed.

What’s more, it is in Labor’s DNA to get into bed with the Greens if it means hanging on to power.

They always do, and it always ends in tears.

Take Tasmania.

In 1989, then Labor Opposition Leader Michael Field promised: “We will do no deals with the Greens”.

At the election, the Liberals won 17 seats, Labor 13 and the Greens 5. Labor immediately met with Bob Brown and did a deal to form Government despite their pre-election commitment to “no deals”.

The Labor Greens Government proved a disaster for Tasmania. Some 11,000 jobs were lost and industries smashed.

It happened again in 2010. Before the election, then Labor Premier David Bartlett told Tasmanians a “back room deal with the Greens is a deal with the devil… I am not going to sell my soul for the sake of remaining in power”.

But straight after the election Labor and the Greens agreed to form another Labor Greens Government.

Again, it was a disaster for Tasmania. Jobs were lost and industries smashed.

Who can forget the sight of Julia Gillard and Bob Brown signing the deal that kept her in office after the 2010 federal election – the deal that gave Australia the Carbon Tax Julia Gillard promised never to have.

A Labor Greens Government would be a disaster for Victroria.

Only a majority Liberal Nationals Government will get back in control of the cost of living, keep Victorians safe and manage population growth.