Media Release

22 June 2018

Smith: Let’s talk about transparency…

Friday 22 June 2018

Let’s talk about transparency… 

On Tuesday Fiona Patten said Labor’s partisan donations bill was “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” just before performing a very suspicious and sudden back-flip.

Fiona Patten also described it as a “bill of self-interest” and said “if we are worried about buying influence then make the diaries of the ministers open”.

Recognising that Victorian household budgets are stretched, Fiona Patten slammed the bill for its cost to taxpayers, saying: “public funding that could potentially be better spent for the public good”.

So you can imagine my surprise that just 48 hours later, Fiona Patten has done a complete 180 degree turn.

Why did Fiona Patten suddenly change her mind on this legislation?

What happened in the last 48 hours to make Fiona Patten change from strident opposition to enthusiastic supporter?

Was Fiona Patten offered something in return for changing her vote?

Did the Andrews Labor Government offer an inducement to Fiona Patten for swapping her vote?

Have the Andrews Labor Government and Fiona Patten discussed preference deals this week?

Daniel Andrews and Labor like to talk a lot about transparency in politics. They can start right now by providing honest answers to the above questions.