Media Release

14 September 2018

Smith: Liberal Nationals to upgrade Beechworth Secondary College

Friday 14 September 2018

Liberal Nationals to upgrade Beechworth Secondary College

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will invest $9.4 million in much-needed improvements to the Beechworth Secondary College.

A Matthew Guy led government will fund a world-class science and resource centre as part of the first stage of the school’s masterplan.

The plan includes a new science and resource centre, which will have two science laboratories, learning spaces, common areas, seminar rooms and staff rooms.

A Liberal Nationals Government is committed to Benambra’s state schools and has already pledged to fix the failing long drop toilets at Middle Indigo and provide $5 million to Wodonga Middle Year’s Huon Campus.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, Tim Smith:

“I visited Beechworth Secondary College with Bill Tilley late last year and saw first-hand the needs of the school and its students.

Labor comes along at the 11th hour, deep in an election cycle, and thinks people won’t see through it – they don’t care about regional education.

The Liberal Nationals are committed to redeveloping Beechworth Secondary College and give local students every chance they need to pursue a quality education.”

Comments attributable to Member for Benambra, Bill Tilley:

“Beechworth Secondary College was high on our priority list prior to the last election and yet Labor have sat on their hands for four long years.

We’ve seen the student numbers at Beechworth plummet as Labor have failed to act on the urgency of the situation.

With an elected Liberal Nationals Government, we’ll get back to basics and take the politics out of our children’s secondary education.”