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27 February 2017

Smith: Melbourne Traffic Congestion Nation’s Worst

Thursday 23 February 2017
Melbourne Traffic Congestion Nation’s Worst
The TomTom 2017 Traffic Congestion Index has revealed Melbourne is Australia’s most congested city.
Melbourne has a 33% congestion level, up 4% since just last year.
Motorists in Melbourne spend on average 34 minutes a day, or 130 hours each year stuck in traffic.
When Daniel Andrews tore up the East West Link contracts, he not only set-fire to $1.2 billion, he signed Melbourne up to decades of worsening congestion.
The closest the Andrews Government has come to a road project is Transurban’s Western Distributor, a glorified T-intersection paid for by increased tolls on the south-eastern motorists.
Melbourne’s roads are the most congested in the nation yet Daniel Andrews could seem to care less.