Media Release

21 November 2018

Smith: Rorts, scandal and lies exposed on

Rorts, scandal and lies exposed on

A new website, has been released today by the Victorian Liberal Party.

The site highlights the rorts, scandals and lies that have become the hallmark of the Daniel Andrews Labor government.

No government in recent history has been so mired in scandal.

Victoria Police’s Fraud and Extortion Squad is investigating 21 Labor MPs over the $388,000 Red Shirts Rort who despite assurance from Daniel Andrews that “everybody should cooperate and everybody will” have declined to speak to police.

If the recontesting MPs are arrested, charged and found guilty after the election they could cause a string of by-elections that would create chaos and dysfunction.

There has also been a roll call of resignations from senior Ministerial and Parliamentary roles featuring Cesar Melhem, Adam Somyurek, Steve Herbert, Khalil Eideh, Don Nardella and Telmo Languiller heading the list.

Daniel Andrews does not understand the word honesty as the record of his government shows and the website reveals.