Media Release

20 April 2015

Smith: Statement on Punt Road

Monday 20 April 2015


Statement on Punt Road: Daniel Andrews at war with motorists

Daniel Andrews promised to fix Punt Road and now he’s put it in the too hard basket.

After the East West Link debacle, this is more evidence that Daniel Andrews is at war with motorists.

Daniel Andrews has scrapped a plan to reduce traffic gridlock on Punt Road in one of Melbourne’s worst traffic bottlenecks.

Pulling the handbrake on both the East West Link and now the Punt Road solution shows that Daniel Andrews doesn’t have a plan to ease congestion in Melbourne.  Instead he’s now ordered yet another study.

This all builds on the growing perception that Daniel Andrews is all about reviews and inquiries with no real sense of delivering outcomes.

While Daniel Andrews is declaring war on drivers, it’s the motorists who are being left to lose the daily battles with traffic congestion.