Media Release

02 April 2017

Smith: Transurban hits the Dan Andrews jackpot

Sunday 2 April 2017

Transurban hits the Dan Andrews jackpot

Daniel Andrews’ $5.5 billion deal with Transurban is another bad decision from a government who has negotiated from a position of weakness from Day 1.

Kerry Packer said, “You only get one Alan Bond in your lifetime” – Transurban CEO, Scott Charleton, must be popping the champagne corks over his ‘Alan Bond’ moment, as he celebrates a multi-billion dollar win for Transurban.

Not only has Daniel Andrews swapped his $500 million ‘shovel-ready’ West Gate Distributor for a truck off-ramp costing 10 times the price, but he intends to make Eastern and South Eastern motorists pay for this lopsided deal.

Despite having a 5-step Market Led Proposal process to ensure Victorians get the best deal possible, Daniel Andrews has locked Victorians into a deal that takes motorists for a ride.

Daniel Andrews has signed Victorians up for an extension of tolls for CityLink users into the mid 2040’s for a project that will do little to ease the ever-growing traffic problems, taking only 5 per cent of traffic from the West Gate Bridge, and which will be at capacity in just 10 years.

A last-minute name change for the Transurban T-intersection won’t change the fact that this is an absolute dud project for the community.

The Liberal National Coalition will take whatever measures possible in Parliament to send Daniel Andrews back to the negotiating table and to ensure this bad deal does not go ahead.