Media Release

15 December 2016

Smith: Victoria’s population boom

Thursday 15 December 2016

Victoria’s population boom

Victoria is now officially the fastest growing state in Australia according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

While Australia’s population growth has slowed to 1.4%, Victoria’ population growth has sped up to 2.1% or 123,131 for the year to 30 June 2016.

While Victoria grew by more than 123,000, New South Wales only grew by 106,000 and Queensland by 65,000.

The statistics also show:

  • Victoria’s growth makes up for 36.4% of Australia’s population growth.
    • Victoria’s population: 6,068,000
    • Australia’s population: 24,127,200
  • Net Interstate Migration is driving the huge growth in Victoria, with a net gain of 16,700
  • Net Overseas Migration is up 11% in Victoria over the last year, to 65,000
  • Components of Victoria’s growth:
    • Net Overseas Migration: 65000
    • Interstate Migration: 16,700
    • Natural Increase:  41,400
    • Total: 123,100

Comments attributable to Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Population Policy, Tim Smith:

These statistics are more startling evidence that Victoria’s population is growing, and managing the explosion in our population is the biggest challenge facing Victoria today.

Yet Daniel Andrews is too busy worrying about his Ministers’ mobile phones to manage Victoria’s population growth.

Victoria is desperate for a comprehensive population policy to manage this growth, and that is why the Liberal Nationals Coalition has launched the Victorian Population Policy Taskforce to ensure that our state will be a better place to live for all Victorians.