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22 October 2018

Smith – What would a Labor Greens Government look like?

Monday 22 October 2018

What would a Labor Greens Government look like?

Victorian Greens leader Samantha Ratnam has today confirmed they will want ministries if there is an Andrews Labor Greens Government.

Victorians already think Daniel Andrews has lost control of population growth as well as crime, congestion and cost of living. Imagine how much worse it would be under an Andrews Labor Greens Government.

Will we have a Greens MP as Minister for Roads who will cancel the North East Link?

Will a Greens MP take over as Attorney General to soften sentences and water down the criminal law?

Will the Greens demand the Treasury or Finance portfolios, increasing the cost of living pressures on Victorians by introducing new taxes and charges based on their ideological fantasies?

Or will the Greens use their leverage to open more Ice injecting rooms around Melbourne’s suburbs and regional cities?

Victorians know an Andrews Labor Greens Government will mean more congestion, more crime, more taxes, more Ice injecting rooms and worse standards and outcomes in schools.

The only way for Victorians to get back in control is to choose their local Liberal or Nationals candidate.