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23 November 2018

Smith: When will Daniel Andrews stop supporting the Greens?

Friday 23 November 2018

When will Daniel Andrews stop supporting the Greens?

Daniel Andrews likes to say one thing to Victorians but does another when it comes to the Greens and their toxic cultural problems.

As a result of a number of shocking revelations concerning the anti-women culture infesting the Greens, Mr Andrews claimed he would never do a deal with the Greens:

‘I will not sit down, never sit down and negotiate with people who refuse to call out denigration of women.’

However, yesterday Mr Andrews refused to rule out doing a deal and suggested Labor would ‘wait and see’ how Victorians vote before making a decision.

This is because Mr Andrews places holding onto power over his faux-outrage towards the Greens’ treatment of women.

In the seat of Footscray, Victorian Labor preferenced Angus McAlpine second, despite revelations Mr McAlpine made derogatory comments about women and glorified sexual assault and date rape in songs he performed as part of the rap crew “Broken Aesthetiks.”

Today, the leader of the Greens, Samantha Ratnam, announced on radio that the Greens candidate for Sandringham has been accused of rape. The alleged victim stated that he raped her on one occasion, and on another, she remembers ‘having to physically push him off… when he would not listen’ to her refusals.

If Mr Andrews was serious about his concern over the culture of the Greens, he would not support them with favourable preference deals.

In both Footscray and Sandringham, Labor continues to preference the Greens candidates second.

This is a big test for Labor. With sexual offences up 33.2% in Victoria since 2014, Daniel Andrews and Labor must demonstrate to Victorians that they will not reward a party who is dogged with such a toxic internal culture.

Will Daniel Andrews and Labor finally punish the Greens for their anti-woman culture?

Daniel Andrews must once and for all rule out a deal with the Greens in the event of a hung parliament.