Media Release

28 November 2017

Southwick: AEMO reports Victoria using emergency measures

Tuesday 28 November 2017

AEMO reports Victoria using emergency measures

AEMO have reported today that Victorian taxpayers will be paying for the irresponsible policies of the Andrews Government.

Not only has Daniel Andrews sold out the blue collar workers in the regions in pursuit of Greens votes in the city, but he has also overseen an agenda which has increased the risk of blackouts and made electricity more expensive.

On 3AW radio this morning AEMO revealed the cost of implementing emergency measures in Victoria this summer was $68 million.

By driving Hazelwood out of town with his mindless renewable energy target and the tripling of coal royalties it now reported that Daniel Andrews wants to use expensive diesel generators just to keep the lights on.

Due to extraordinary circumstances AEMO has had to use Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) mechanisms that will see Victorian consumers pay for mammoth amounts of backup generation because Daniel Andrews ran Hazelwood out of town.

In their report AEMO states:

“Following the rapid closure of the 1,600 megawatt (MW) capacity Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria in March 2017, AEMO assessed the short-term balance of supply and demand. In its Energy Supply Outlook report, AEMO identified a heightened risk of supply disruptions for the coming summer in Victoria and South Australia if no further steps were taken.”

AEMOs response has been:

“…over 1,000 MW of generation and demand response resource reserves AEMO has procured via the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader mechanism.”

Victoria is now operating under emergency conditions thanks to Daniel Andrews shutting down Hazelwood and 22% of Victoria’s energy supply.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy, David Southwick:

Victoria is using emergency reserves when summer has just begun because Daniel Andrews forced the closure of Hazelwood power station causing prices to skyrocket and stretching supplies to the limit.

Victorians facing crippling power prices and risks of blackouts know the blame lies squarely with Daniel Andrews.