Media Release

24 November 2016

Southwick: Andrews puts more upward pressure on power prices

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Andrews puts more upward pressure on power prices

Daniel Andrews’ decision to increase the solar feed-in tariff and slug Victorian energy customers with higher power prices is just another example of him picking winners and losers.

Labor has made a clear choice to chase inner-city Green votes over affordable and reliable electricity in Victoria.

Victorians are already facing an up to 25% increase in their power bills because of Labor’s policy to close Hazelwood, but that’s not enough for Daniel Andrews and his reckless ideology.

According to the Grattan Institute, non-solar customers in Australia will spend more than $14 billion subsidising households with solar through their power bills because of overly generous feed-in tariffs.

Despite the Grattan Institute warning governments not to repeat this “policy mess”, Daniel Andrews is refusing to listen.

The future of solar is through battery storage and community distribution, not making non-solar customers pay higher energy bills

Daniel Andrews promised to govern for all Victorians, but his divisive decisions to force cost of living pressures up for the sake of stemming the Green tide says otherwise.

The Liberal Nationals will continue to fight for affordable and reliable power for all Victorians.