Media Release

21 April 2016

Southwick: CFMEU strikes

Thursday 21 April 2016

CFMEU strikes

The CFMEU has been at the heart of the Andrews Labor Government since its first day in office and now it is going to impact household energy prices.

Before the last election, Daniel Andrews said he was committed to reducing household power bills, now after the election he is abandoning that promise and letting the CFMEU drive power bills up.

Daniel Andrews has now had more than 9 months to intervene and call of his CFMEU mates from holding 50 per cent of Victoria’s electricity supplies hostage.

Instead of standing up for the community, he has sat back and let his CFMEU pals run rampant. Either Daniel Andrews can’t control the CFMEU or he won’t, and as a result Victorians are going to be paying the price for his weakness.

Whenever Daniel Andrews has faced a choice between backing his union mates or ordinary Victorians, he has sold-out Victorians every time.