Media Release

20 November 2018

Southwick: Coastal villages to have access to natural gas under a Liberal Nationals Government

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Coastal villages to have access to natural gas under a Liberal Nationals Government

Residents of the coastal villages of Cannons Creek, Blind Bight, Warneet and Tooradin will finally have access to natural gas if the Liberal Nationals are elected on November 24.

Daniel Andrews has lost control of cost of living pressures and Victorians are now paying more than double what they paid on energy bills just four years ago.

That is why an elected Liberal Nationals Government will ensure that residents in these coastal villages can access natural gas, putting downward pressure on their cost of living with this $9 million plan.

Labor has been in government in Victoria for 15 of the last 19 years and the needs of small local communities have been badly neglected.

The Andrews Labor Government has forced the cost of energy in Victoria to skyrocket, from one of the most affordable in the nation just 4 years ago, to one of the most expensive now.

Facilitating access to affordable energy for households and businesses should be an important priority for government. The most vulnerable Victorians should not have to choose between keeping the lights or heating on, because they can no longer afford both.

The Liberal Nationals will take the pressure off energy costs by reopening conventional onshore gas exploration, giving land owners veto power over their land and a share of royalties if they choose to participate. The ban on fracking will remain in place.

Most importantly this Victorian gas will be retained for Victorians to use. This local competition will put real downward pressure on energy costs.

Only the Liberal Nationals are committed to ensuring that all Victorians have access to reliable and affordable energy.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources, David Southwick:

“This is a win-win policy that is going to cut the cost of living for residents in these coastal villages and ensure the energy needs of future generations.

Victorians will have a clear choice at this election.

More of the same new taxes and a wasteful and distrustful Andrews Labor Government, or a Liberal Nationals Government that will better manage the economy, cut taxes and take the financial pressures off Victorians.”

Comments attributable to Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess:

“This commitment of $9 million is a major win for the residents of our coastal villages who have made it clear they want and need access to affordable energy.”