Media Release

17 July 2018

Southwick: Common sense from AEMO but will Daniel Andrews listen?

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Common sense from AEMO but will Daniel Andrews listen?

Today’s report from AEMO confirms that existing baseload generation has a key role to play in underpinning a responsible, low-cost transition in our energy market.

AEMO has identified that “maintaining existing coal-fired generation up to the end of its technical life is a key element of a least-cost approach.”

Despite the importance of baseload power, in 2016 Labor tripled the coal excise tax, which forced the premature closure of the Hazelwood power station and sent electricity bills skyrocketing by $300.

Driven by ideology, Daniel Andrews 40% renewable energy target is stifling investment in Victoria’s remaining baseload generation and threatening the ongoing viability of key power stations such as Yallourn.

If Yallourn is forced out of the market as Hazelwood was, Victoria will lose another 22% of its electricity supply and all Victorians will be left paying the price.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources, David Southwick:

“Despite Victorians paying more than ever for power, Labor will always put its energy ideology over people.

Only the Liberal Nationals will take the ideology out of energy, support a balanced energy mix that delivers the lowest-cost and most reliable power for all Victorians”