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19 August 2018

Southwick: Daniel Andrews’ own sequel to Kevin Rudd’s ‘Pink Batts disaster’

Sunday 19 August 2018

Daniel Andrews’ own sequel to Kevin Rudd’s ‘Pink Batts disaster’

Daniel Andrews’ solar panel election promise sounds a lot like Kevin Rudd’s pink batts disaster.

This is ‘Pink Batts mark 2’ – it failed the first time and it is at risk of failing again.

Once again, Labor has failed to put any consumer protections in place.

Daniel Andrews needs to explain how he will safeguard families and homes from being scammed by telemarketers and dodgy installers with no experience that will flood the system under this scheme.

The relentless barrage of telemarketing calls at all hours will be the first sign of the problems to come.

There are also concerns that pensioners, renters and many other Victorians can’t afford it or won’t benefit.

Daniel Andrews promised before the last election he wouldn’t raise or introduce any new taxes.  Twelve new taxes later, Victorians are the highest taxed in Australia and its being used to fund programs like this that have a track record of failure.

Daniel Andrews’ answer to his high power bills is to ask people to spend more money.