Media Release

30 June 2017

Southwick -Energy prices and disconnections soar in Victoria

Friday 30 June 2017

Energy prices and disconnections soar in Victoria

Daniel Andrews’ reckless policy to shutdown the Hazelwood Power Station has made energy prices unaffordable for more Victorians.

According to the Essential Services Commission’s latest report, some Victorians will be forced to pay an extra $357 on their energy bills this year.

The soaring price of energy has led to 12,718 Victorian households being disconnected from an essential service, 2000 more compared to the March quarter.

Under Daniel Andrews, Victorians have reached breaking point because of skyrocketing cost of living pressures.

From tomorrow, Victorians will also face the start of three new taxes brought on by a greedy Daniel Andrews.

Daniel Andrews is spending more time protecting his rorting Labor MPs than he is keep the lights on for Victorians.