Media Release

14 November 2017

Southwick: Labor’s carelessness could cost lives

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Labor’s carelessness could cost lives

Reports today that elderly Victorians and families with young children are making drastic and potentially dangerous sacrifices to deal with electricity and air conditioning costs are another examples of how bad the energy crisis is under Daniel Andrews.

The frail, elderly, and those suffering chronic health conditions made worse by extreme heat were at greatest danger from rationing airconditioning” according to reports today of research by RMIT’s Centre for Urban Research.

Soaring energy prices due to the shutdown of Hazelwood power station resulting in a 22% reduction in Victoria’s baseload power generation, coupled with the emergency stop-gap measure to bolster baseload power supply to Victoria with diesel generators over summer means prices will just continue to rise.

 Comments attributable to David Southwick MP, Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources:

Choosing between buying food and turning on the air conditioner is a problem you see in third world countries, not the world’s most liveable city.

Daniel Andrews has left us in a situation where people fear turning the lights or air conditioner on in summer because of how high their bills may be.

We were once a state that had energy security, yet under Daniel Andrews we’re seeing drastic measures like adding expensive diesel generators just to get us through summer.