Media Release

13 November 2017

Southwick: Labor’s desperate diesel backflip

Monday 13 November 2017

Labor’s desperate diesel backflip

Reports today that Victoria will need expensive diesel generators to keep the lights on and the air-conditioners running this hot summer shows how desperate the energy crisis is under Daniel Andrews.

On 22 Mach 2017 Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio stated:

“We’re not considering any diesel back-up because we are building the generation and storage necessary to protect Victorian consumers.”

This desperate backflips shows the critical situation we are in after Daniel Andrews shutdown the Hazelwood power station and 22% of Victorians baseload power generation.


Comments attributable to David Southwick MP, Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources:

“News today that Victoria will be reliant on expensive diesel generators to keep the lights and air-conditioning shows the true extent of the energy crisis under the Andrews Labor Government.”

“Daniel Andrews is desperate to plug the hole left in our electricity supply and cover for the mistake he made in closing Hazelwood power station.”

“Victoria will keep paying higher energy prices thanks to Daniel Andrews’ incompetence.”