Media Release

16 November 2017

Southwick: Labor’s Flat Battery Plan

Thursday 16 November 2017

Labor’s Flat Battery Plan

Victoria will now be reliant on dirty diesel generators to guarantee summer electricity supplies because Daniel Andrews has failed to deliver on his promises.

The Andrews Labor Government has gone silent on its $25 million commitment to deploy grid scale battery storage facilities in Western Victoria by this summer, and will not supply further information to the people of Victoria.

On the 17th February 2017 Minister D’Ambrosio stated: “We’re taking the action required to ensure reliable and affordable energy supply for Victorians while we deliver on our renewable energy targets” but just yesterday the Minister backflipped again, refusing to take responsibility for her actions in question time stating that we “have a market operator that is overseeing the commercial-in-confidence negotiations about our energy supply matters for this coming summer”, not the Minister or Government itself.

On the 27th April 2017 the Andrews Government put out a press release stating that “Detailed proposals are being sought to provide two 20MW batteries to be fully deployed by January 2018, providing storage capacity of at least 100MWh.”

On the 13th July 2017, the Andrews Government capitalised on the celebrity fanfare of Al Gore and re-announced the $25 million batteries would be available in summer.

Construction of the two 20MW batteries was due to start in August so that they would be ready by January 2018, however it is now clear that the commissioning of diesel generators over summer is an admission of failure by the Andrews Labor Government to ensure secure energy supply to the State.

Quotes attributable to the Shadow Minister for Energy, David Southwick MP:

“With only six weeks to deadline for completion of the batteries it seems as though Labor have yet again failed to guarantee Victorian energy supply.”

“The Labor Government need to come out and tell us what has happened with this $25 million commitment they made and why their original plan has failed.”

“Daniel Andrews is delivering patchy third-world energy policy for the world’s most liveable city because he just can’t get his head around this energy black hole he created when he shut down Hazelwood and ripped 22% of energy out of the market.”